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Are Slogans Dead?

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

If you can think of one slogan right now, it means slogans are very much alive! From "Just Do It" to "Have it Your Way," these few words wield significant power when it comes to making your company's brand memorable.

What is a Slogan?

A tagline or slogan is a phrase summarizing your company's value proposition. A few catchy words in a world of 3-second attention spans can work wonders for your brand. To make your slogan successful, it should be actionable and delivered through your brand promise.

Creating a slogan is often overlooked as a critical element for effective branding. More time is invested in the creation of the logo than coming up with a memorable tagline that sums up— in four words or less—what value your brand brings to the world. Even simple words or phrases can go a long way when it works well with your brand.

Impact on Branding

Brand recall is the main purpose of creating a slogan. They are there to speak for the brand where images fail. This further enables the brand to create a lasting memory in the minds of your audience and enhances the market reach of the product.

Balancing creativity and strategy isn't always easy but a smart slogan will capture the consumer's attention and generate interest. The core purpose is to enable your audience to stop and think about the possibilities offered by the brand. Depending on your marketing plan, you can use a slogan to appeal to the needs, attitudes, or emotions of your audience.

How to Create a Good Slogan

Due to the importance of the slogan in your business, it is best to assert careful planning into the process of creating a slogan. To create a good slogan, inform yourself of the qualities of a good slogan.

  1. A good slogan is memorable. Since the purpose of a slogan is to increase brand recall and trigger buyer motivations, it must capture their attention and stay in their memory for a given period. Staying power is an essential factor in the business industry. An effective slogan stays in the minds of customers as they shop for solutions or products.

  2. A good slogan produces images in customer's mind. You can trigger a visual imagery or positive associations by using a slogan. For instance, you can remind them about your company logo and create a stronger link between the two.

  3. A good slogan drives people into action. Awakening triggers often move customers to make the decision to buy. Choose words that conjure satisfying a need.

  4. A good slogan highlights the benefit of the product. This is tied up with the efforts of creating product distinction, which is to emphasize the benefits that one can derive from using a company's products or services.

Advertising vs a Slogan

We'll leave you with one last tip. Know the difference between advertising and using a slogan...since they serve different purposes. A slogan is used consistently, repetitively, and is used to reinforce your brand message. While advertising sticks to the brand, it can also be modified to fit different platforms and appeal to different audiences.

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